Property Insurance

From the equipment used in your business to the actual buildings in which your business is based, your commercial property is absolutely essential to the successful running of your business. Therefore, it’s also vitally important that you make sure your property is protected from a wide range of unforeseeable risks. At Thompson & Co, we know that one size of insurance policy does not fit all companies, therefore we have flexible and specifically tailored property insurance solutions designed to fit with your unique requirements.

What does Property Insurance cover?

Property Insurance policies cover the physical structure and the equipment of your business or home against losses from theft, fire and so on. Your policy can cover you for all risks or we can work out specific named-risk coverage that only protects against perils you consider most likely. Property Insurance is considered an umbrella cover package that provides a combination of various forms of cover in a single policy. An all-encompassing policy may include any or all of the following:

  • homeowner insurance
  • tenant insurance
  • flood insurance
  • earthquake insurance
  • shop owners insurance
  • office insurance
  • landlord insurance

Property Insurance protects you against damage caused to the structure of your home or commercial property, as well as fixtures and fittings, such as fitted kitchens or bathroom suites. It differs from contents insurance in that the latter tends only to cover the items inside a home, including furniture, jewellery, electrical items, clothing and so on.

Who should take out property insurance?

Property Insurance is an essential policy for anyone who owns their own property including homeowners, landlords and business owners, who are advised to take out Commercial Property Insurance. The latter protects your business against financial losses that result from loss of or damage to your business’s physical assets. As you can see, there are many different types of coverage that fall within this broad category and you are well advised to consult a professional insurance broker.

Why should you speak to Thompson Insurance Brokers about Property Insurance?

At Thompson Insurance, we understand how business environments evolve and operate, and we provide flexible policies that are able to adapt to their policyholders’ needs. We provide a broad, personalised and integrated approach to bringing together the coverage requirements of our customers in one single policy package. We also know that finding the right Property Insurance policy can be difficult. Most of it comes down to making sure you find the right Property Insurance broker. We recognise that every business is unique, as are its specific insurance requirements. Therefore, we make absolutely sure to tailor our coverage solutions to your business’s specific circumstances.

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