Commercial Landlord Insurance

Where commercial property insurance is concerned, one of the most important things for landlords is flexibility. Whether you need cover for various different properties or for a single commercial venture, Thompson Insurance Brokers will help you put together the perfect package of cover for your specific requirements, choosing from a wide range of different policies, including Buildings Insurance, Property Owners’ Liability Cover, Property Owners & Property Services Cover, Contents Insurance, Business Interruption Cover, Employers’ Liability Insurance and so on.

How does Commercial Landlord Insurance differ from General Landlord Insurance?

Commercial Landlord Insurance offers protection for property owners who rent out their properties to third-party businesses. It differs to residential landlord insurance as commercial buildings such as retail outlets, office buildings, warehouses, garages etc, are often constructed differently to domestic properties and they also tend to host different activities and receive a lot more visitors, and all of these differences create different risks and require specific protection.

As a landlord, you receive an income from your property, and this income, as well as the investment behind it, needs Commercial Landlord insurance protection. The important thing is to get the right balance of satisfactory protection and good value for money, and Thompson Insurance specialise in helping you reach that balance.

What does Commercial Landlord Insurance protect against?

A Commercial Landlord Insurance policy will protect you against various different risks linked to commercial properties, including the following:

  • Buildings Cover protects you against damage caused by unforeseen misfortunes such as fire, flood or vandalism.
  • Contents Cover safeguards against damage to any appliances, shelving and other physical objects that are provided to your tenants.
  • Landlord Liability Insurance covers any accidents that occur on your property and helps pay your expenses if you’re found to be responsible for any injury or damage sustained.
  • Business Interruption Cover (also known as Rental Income Protection) is another important option that enables you and your tenants to continue trading should an unforeseen and insured event occur, such as storm damage.

It is worth remembering that Commercial Landlord insurance covers you for risks that are connected to businesses renting from you. If you have tenants that live in your property, you’ll also need to take out a specific Residential Landlord policy, or maybe a comprehensive landlord insurance package which combines both risks. At Thompson & Co, we can easily help you arrange such a package.

Why should you obtain your Commercial Landlord Insurance from Thompson Insurance?

At Thompson Insurance, we boast a combination of highly qualified, dedicated and approachable staff with many years of experience, as well as a profound understanding of how commercial ventures operate. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to bolster this profound general knowledge with a specific understanding of your unique requirements, resulting in the provision of flexible policies that perfectly align with your needs.

Our Insurance Broker Services always focus on the specific requirements of each and every client, and we aim where possible to bring together all of your coverage requirements into a single package. For further information or to arrange a Commercial Landlord insurance quote, contact us now on 0121 796 0123.