Commercial Construction Insurance

Thompson Insurance Brokers have a great many years’ experience of working with all different kinds and sizes of construction company, from small builders and general contractors to huge national or international commercial construction businesses, giving us a profound understanding of the construction industry and making us your best option when it comes to protecting your business from the many different risks that you face on a daily basis.

Whatever specific type of construction business you own, you will surely benefit from our commitment to ensuring that your business is completely protected and totally safe. We employ entire teams dedicated to construction business insurance and construction site insurance, as well as residential construction insurance and building construction insurance. Our highly qualified staff, comprising of risk managers and control consultants work together to identify ways of lowering the cost of your cover without weakening its efficacy.

What different kinds of construction insurance are there?

Commercial construction insurance can seem an incredibly complicated area, especially with so many different yet similar-sounding policies on the market. It can seem impossible to distinguish between, for example, Commercial Construction Insurance, Building Under Construction Insurance, General Construction Insurance, Construction & Building Insurance and Construction Industry Insurance. This is why at Thompson, we go out of our way to simplify things and where possible combine everything you need into one policy.

In essence, a good construction insurance policy will include: Public Liability Insurance, which covers you for any injuries sustained by third parties; Employer’s Liability Insurance, which protects you against any staff injury and illness; Product Liability Insurance, which protects against damage or injury connected to the products you deal with; Contractors All Risk Insurance, which covers, amongst other things, physical damage sustained by contractors; and Professional Indemnity Insurance, which covers you for professional negligence. Ultimately, we make sure that you have insurance for construction contractors, insurance for construction workers and insurance for every other aspect of your business — essentially all risk construction insurance.

What are the risks of not having Commercial Construction Insurance?

If you work in Commercial Construction, you need to make sure you have adequate cover. If you don’t, you leave yourself open to all kinds of risks that could, in a worst-case scenario, completely ruin your business. The right cover protects you against risk to property damage, professional indemnity, claims of unfair dismissal, public liability, injury, illness and the costs of any legal proceedings. Without appropriate commercial construction coverage, your business and your livelihood are at risk.

Why speak to Thompson Insurance Brokers about Commercial Construction Insurance?

Aside from our extensive experience and our highly qualified and approachable staff, at Thompson Insurance Broker Services have a keen understanding of how businesses operate and evolve, and we pride ourselves on providing flexible policies that fit perfectly to clients’ needs. Our approach is broad but always focused on the specific requirements of every client and we consistently aim to integrate those coverage requirements in a single package.

For more information or to arrange a construction insurance quote, contact us today, with zero obligation, on 0121 796 0123.