Construction public liability insurance

If you run a construction business and need the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered for any compensation claim or accident that might arise whilst you are carrying out your duties, it’s essential to obtain the right kind of cover. Construction public liability insurance is designed to ensure you’re covered whatever happens and means you won’t have to pay out sky-high fees if something unfortunate does occur whilst you are doing your job.

Get the cover you need

Is there any chance members of the public could come to harm as a result of your work? If so, you need public liability insurance. Your policy can cover a host of situations, including injuries, property damage and more. It can even cover your fees if you are taken to court. When you contact us to talk about construction liability insurance, we will take a close look at your needs and the nature of your business to help you obtain the right kind of policy for your needs. You could find yourself paying out thousands even if what seems like minor injuries or damage occur as a result of the work you carry out, so don’t take the risk – get the cover you need and achieve valuable peace of mind in the process.

The risks of going uninsured

Although you won’t be legally required to take out public liability insurance, the consequences of failing to do so can be substantial. All businesses can face compensation claims, even sole traders and small businesses. Some compensation claims have even put companies out of business, but we have vast experience when it comes to providing the cover that our clients need and can be counted on to deliver the ideal solution for your requirements, helping you keep your business going no matter what. The amount of cover you need and the price you pay for insurance can vary significantly depending on the nature of your business and other factors, but we can help you obtain the ideal level of cover for your requirements. What’s more is that many companies and individuals won’t opt for your services if you don’t have this cover in place.

Why Thompson Insurance Brokers?

At Thompson Insurance, we have years of experience to draw upon when it comes to helping construction companies and workers get the cover they need. We are an independent firm that can provide a tailored solution for your requirements and are trusted advisors to a host of sole traders, SMEs and PLCs. We are always on hand to provide the accurate, tailored advice you need and welcome you to get in touch at any point if you do have any queries about the services that we offer. What’s more is that we get to know all our clients personally and can handle all claims expertly. Why not take a look around our site to find out more about us today?

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