Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors All Risks Insurance is an optional, non-standard insurance policy that covers work being carried out on a construction site. This is a particularly useful insurance policy for contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers and indeed, anyone else who works on construction sites. It is typically added to the relevant Public Liability Insurance policies and one of its most important components is Contract Works cover, with which you can pay to repair damage or redo work on a construction site in case of theft, vandalism, storm, flood or fire. In short, Contractors All Risk Insurance covers construction site workers and owners in case of damage and loss.

Who needs Contractors All Risks Insurance?

All Risks Contractors Insurance is taken out by all construction site workers. Some of the more common policies provide:

  • Plumbers Contractors Insurance
  • Electrical Contractors Insurance
  • General Building Contractors Insurance
  • Contractor Business Insurance
  • Insurance for Plasterers
  • Insurance for Bricklayers
  • Insurance for Tilers
  • Double Glazing Installers Insurance
  • Carpenters and Joiners Public Liability Insurance
  • Heating Engineers Liability Insurance
  • Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance

What risks are covered?

The purpose of Contractors All Risks Insurance is to cover the risk of unforeseen events such as fire, flood or theft on a construction site, to make sure that the work is able to continue despite the misfortune.

Contractors All Risks Insurance offers a wide range of different types of coverage, including cover for your own plant, your contract works, your tools and equipment, employees’ tools, hired property and any temporary buildings used during construction, including their fixtures and fittings.

Why is Contractors All Risks Insurance necessary?

Any construction site, no matter how conscientious or health and safety-minded, is a potentially dangerous place that’s as prone to incidents and accidents as it is to other unforeseen events or misfortunes, and therefore having the right cover in place to meet the risks involved is absolutely essential. You simply have to be able to protect the work that’s being carried out.

Without insurance cover in place, any work you’re doing — it could be building a loft extension or constructing a department store — is vulnerable to a chance misfortune. In the case of your loft extension, what if an adjacent property catches fire and destroys your work? Your client is not likely to pay for the work that’s been destroyed, and neither should you. This is where Contractors All Risks Insurance steps in to save the day. It’s the same story with department stores — you need a policy in place that can cover you in the worst-case scenario of weeks, months or even years of work being destroyed before you sign off on it.

The same policy also covers your plant, equipment and tools, so in the case of damage to any of these whilst on site, you can claim the replacement costs through your policy. It even covers hired-in equipment used on a contract, which is covered as if it were your own.

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I have used Thompson & Co for the last three years. I have found their service to be exemplary. Not only have they provided very competitive quotes they have held our hands through the claims process. Furthermore they have been very proactive in supporting a charity (LoveBrum) that helps and supports small community projects in the City, demonstrating that they take CSR very seriously. A great family business!

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