Civil Engineer Insurance

The importance of obtaining your civil engineering business insurance from a trusted, reliable and experienced insurance brokerage service that specialises in engineering and civil engineering liability cannot be underestimated. It is of paramount importance, especially in the current economic climate, that civil engineers and civil engineering companies do everything they possibly can to make sure their finances are safeguarded, and this begins with making sure you are adequately protected for every possible circumstance.

The consequences of making just one tiny mistake or technical oversight in your civil engineering insurance cover could be extremely serious. If you’re not fully covered, the cost of litigation alone could be totally overwhelming and could drive your business into the ground. Even if you are able to afford those costs, however, the cost to your reputation could be even more destructive. Having exactly the right civil insurance policies in place is therefore absolutely essential.

To help make sure that you are fully covered, Thompson Insurance Brokers are a highly experienced insurance firm with a dedicated team of civil engineering insurance specialists who can help you work out a personalised plan that suits your business’s own particular requirements.

Why do civil engineers need liability insurance?

Civil engineers are legally liable for any injury or damage to persons or property that occur during the course of their everyday activities. Any claim made against this liability can, as we mentioned above, be exceedingly expensive to defend and more expensive still if you are shown to be legally liable. Civil Engineering Liability Insurance protects against any losses sustained by insuring against any compensation that must be paid, as well as the costs involved in launching a defence against said claims.

What kind of insurance do civil engineers need?

There are two specific types of basic liability insurance that you are legally obliged to take:

* Public Liability Insurance: as its name suggests, public liability insurance covers companies against claims arising from personal injury or damage to any members of the general public and/or their property as a result of that company’s activities.

* Employers Liability Insurance: this covers you when claims are made against your legal liability for any injuries, illnesses or even death experienced by employees whilst working for you or your company.

Additional forms of cover are also available…

Whilst you are legally obliged to take out Employers’ Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance, there are many other additional types of insurance cover that may be advisable for your civil engineering business. It may, for example, be worth considering specific tool or other business equipment insurance. It might also make sense for you to take out professional indemnity insurance for civil engineers, legal expenses insurance and personal accident insurance.

Finding the right Civil Engineering Insurance policies for you is easy with Thompson Insurance Brokers so if you’d like to get the ball rolling or maybe you just need some advice on what cover would best suit your company, give us a ring on 0121 796 0123 today and speak to one of our dedicated civil engineering insurance team.