Precision Engineers Insurance

Talk to Thompson Insurance Brokers today if you require precision engineers’ insurance to cover you for a range of events. We are able to arrange specialist cover for precision engineers, including policies for companies and sole traders. The policies that we provide are able to cover all sorts of requirements, and we have the flexibility to provide cover for everything from employers’ liability, stock, contents, business interruption and many more. Various add-ons are available, including management liability cover and more. We can also cover you for material damage including damage caused by fire, storms, floods with all-risks cover also being available.

The perfect policy for your needs

If you need public liability insurance, we can help. Various limits of indemnity up to £5 million are available, and we can also provide employers’ liability up to £10 million to cover you if injuries occur as a result of work carried out. We are also able to provide products liability up to £5 million, though may also be able to provide even greater amounts of cover if needed. This covers you for injuries and damage to property arising from products made or supplied by you. We may even be able to provide you with discounts if you have good risk management procedures in place, including frequently carrying out thorough risk assessments and high-quality staff training.

Decades of experience

We have many years of experience behind us when it comes to providing insurance for precision engineers and can provide some of the most competitive premiums on the market. We are passionate about providing the best and most suitable insurance products we can and work with some of the market’s most prestigious and reputable cover providers.

Avoid tough penalties

We can provide cover for precision engineers working with electronics, plastics, metals and more. You could face sizeable potentially business-ending fines if you don’t take out the right kind of cover for your needs, so don’t risk it – get in touch with us today. We know that needs can vary wildly, which is why we do all we can to tailor your insurance directly in line with your requirements. We can act as your primary point of contact for the duration of your insurance contract and can help with any adjustments that you might require along the way. Our client network includes a diverse range of sole traders, SMEs and well-known brands.

Contacting Thompson Insurance Brokers

Get in touch with us today to arrange your precision engineering cover. We are confident that we can provide the perfect tailored insurance broker services for your needs at the right price, and we always listen attentively to what our clients have to say so we can address their requirements perfectly. What’s more is that we are only satisfied when you are truly content with the cover that we have arranged for you. To find out more today, simply call 0121 796 0123 or send an e-mail to Alternatively, you can contact us using the form on our website. Why not find out more about us today by browsing our website and reading our testimonials?