Professional Indemnity Insurance For Engineers

Thompson Insurance Brokers has close and long-standing associations within the engineering industry that make us one of the best insurance broker services for placing reliable and effective professional indemnity (PI) insurance cover for leading consulting engineering firms in the UK today.

Professional liability is a significant concern for most engineering firms. Thompson & Co has therefore created insurance solutions with today’s engineering practices in mind. Our insurance policies are designed and created to cover firms for any claims that arise from civil liability even when breach of professional duty or negligence have not been alleged.

What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

Our PI insurance for engineers’ policies provide cover for any defence costs that may be incurred if you have to present yourself before a disciplinary tribunal. We also cover you in the following important areas:

* Asbestos. We offer cover up to your indemnity limit.

* Pollution. We offer cover up to the full indemnity limit on an aggregate basis with no exclusion for toxic mould or fungus.

* Loss of documents. We offer extensive cover in this potentially hugely significant area.

* Innocent non-disclosure. This is additional cover for anything of importance that you have inadvertently failed to disclose to insurers.

* DAS legal expenses. Thompson & Co also offers cover from a legal expenses policy that is specifically designed for engineering firms. This is incredibly useful when you need to recover unpaid or disputed fees.

* Office insurance. We offer combined office insurance that covers all content, equipment, disruption of business and liability insurance. Again, this is a policy that has been designed and underwritten with the engineering sector in mind.

Why are Thompson Insurance Brokers the best people to approach for this insurance?

We work closely with all kinds of engineers, as well as their representative bodies, both locally and nationally. This means that we actively support positive action on professional indemnity and insurance issues that affect the engineering sector. Our risk management service is widely admired for the knowledgeable, practical and enormously effective approach that forms an integral part of our overall service.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to treat our clients like human beings, with no call centres and no deliberately confusing insurance jargon, and our aim is always to provide competitive premiums, constant support and a highly consistent and hugely efficient service.

Whatever kind of professional indemnity insurance you’re looking for, or maybe you’d just like to talk to someone to get some general advice — click on About Us for more details or just give us a call today on 0121 796 0123 and speak to one of our dedicated engineer insurance experts.