Manufacturing & Engineering

If you work in the manufacturing or engineering sectors, in addition to the typical issues that businesses have to deal with, you will face some unique risks.

Dealing with forming, forging, casting, injecting or engraving or working with metals and plastics can be risky as the work involves the use of tools such as band saws, drill presses and forges, which require high maintenance and years of experience to operate safely.

If you work in the engineering sector there’s also the risk of your machinery breaking down – not to mention the ever present threat of dangerous malfunctions.

If you don’t have the right insurance to cover these eventualities, getting production back on track may be the least of your problems.

Whatever your industry sector, from food processing to paper production, electronics to textiles, we will make sure you’re able to draw a line under any flare ups with your manufacturing or engineering business by making sure you have a comprehensive owners policy, and all the other industry specific protection you need.

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