Warehouse Insurance

Warehouses generally hold hundreds and often thousands of pounds of stock at any given point. These goods can include food products, household goods, clothes and consumer products. The theft of such goods can be catastrophic for your business, which is why it makes so much sense to invest in commercial warehouse insurance at the earliest opportunity if you do keep valuable stock on your premises and aren’t already covered.

Commercial warehouse can cover you for all sorts of unfortunate incidents, such as stock being damaged by a flood or a fire, goods being stolen and employees being hurt on your premises. These incidents can cause massive disruption for your business, can be incredibly expensive and can even cause businesses to close. Thankfully, we can help you arrange the perfect type of cover for your business to protect not just your premises but your stock, staff and equipment too. We have provided warehouse insurance for a vast range of businesses in the past, and more and more companies are choosing us when they require warehouse cover to suit their specific needs.

We always take the time needed to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your requirements as well as the insurance risks you might face, so we can deliver the cover you need. We can provide you with a policy that covers the contents kept inside your warehouses as well as the building itself. Furthermore, we can cater for you if you need cover for damage caused by sprinklers activated via water leaks and false alarms.

Without a suitable insurance policy in place, you may have no way of putting things right if you fall victim of an accident or theft. Warehouses are often targeted by thieves, which is just one reason why it’s essential to arrange the cover you need. You may also find yourself on the receiving end of legal action if an employee comes to harm on your premises, which is another reason why warehouse insurance is so important. An insurance policy can protect your business from legal costs and compensation claims, as well as ensure the money is there if successful action is taking against you. You will also need to get public liability insurance if members of the public, customers and suppliers visit your warehouse. Read our testimonials to see the type of service we can offer you.

No matter how big or small your warehouse is, we can help. Even if your needs seem complex, our commitment to you means we will do everything in our power to meet your requirements. It’s easy to arrange commercial warehouse insurance with Thompson Insurance Brokers. Just get in touch today to talk to us about your requirements and find out more about how we can address your specific needs. Why wait any longer to contact us? Call 0121 796 012 or send an e-mail to info@thompson.insure if you’re ready to arrange commercial warehouse insurance with a leading broking firm.