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What you need to know about commercial terrorism insurance

With terrorism headlines rarely out of the news and the ever-present threat of a new incident, commercial terrorism insurance is now a critical issue for UK business.


It is important that organisations have the ability to recover from any attack and return to normality as soon as possible.


Appropriate insurance cover will enable you to do this.


What is commercial terrorism insurance?

Currently the UK suffers a £43bn annual loss from armed violence, war and terrorism (or 2.5% of our GDP).*


As the UK terrorism threat can be perceived as high, insurance coverage now requires a separate premium.


Commercial terrorism insurance typically covers for loss in terms of your:

  • public and people
  • property and other assets
  • information
  • reputation
  • income revenue
  • customers and suppliers
  • …and overall business continuity.



What benefits does it give?

The key benefit here is peace of mind for the business owners, shareholders, customers, visitors and suppliers.


Equally importantly, appropriate cover also gives the business the ability to return to day to day operations as soon as possible.


Which organisations would best benefit?

Organisations that would benefit from cover include the following, as well as businesses that are located near to these organisations or with employees working temporarily within these locations:


  • tourist destinations and visitor attractions
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • airports
  • hotels
  • shopping centres
  • concert halls and theatres
  • transport systems
  • construction sites
  • places of religious worship
  • healthcare organisations and hospitals
  • organisations working with fuel/ gas
  • any business located within an urban area
  • large corporations.


Cover for Denial of Access

An appropriate policy will also cover you for Denial of Access and this is when an incident has occurred in the vicinity of your business, and you’re not allowed to access your building.


How can Thompson & Co help?

As it is difficult to calculate the likelihood of a terrorist attacks it is also difficult for business owners to assess the risks they face and insurers to assess the premium.


As a highly experienced, well connected insurance broker we can help you understand this unique commercial offer, quantify the risk and ensure you purchase an appropriate policy at the right price.


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*Source: The Guardian. November 2014.